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For Immediate Release
March 9, 2005

Global Message

From remarks by President Bush, National Defense University, Washington, DC 3/8/05

"Our strategy to keep the peace in the longer term is to help change the conditions that give rise to extremism and terror, especially in the broader Middle East." -- President Bush, 3/8/05

September 11 provided a warning of future dangers.

America is answering new dangers with firm resolve and is eliminating terrorist threats abroad.

America is pursuing a clear strategy with our allies to achieve victory. America is more secure today because dozens of other countries have stepped up to the fight.

All free nations must stand with the forces of democracy and justice that have begun to transform the Middle East, because the best antidote to radicalism and terror is the tolerance and hope kindled in free societies.

U.S. allies are making tough decisions, taking risks, and losing lives.

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