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For Immediate Release
February 18, 2005

Global Message

From remarks by President Bush in announcing nomination of Ambassador Negroponte as Director of National Intelligence, 2/17/05

The United States has recalled its ambassador from Syria - which indicates that the relationship is not moving forward, and that Syria is out of step with the progress being made in a greater Middle East.

America has talked clearly with Syria about the need to make sure that their territory is not used by former Iraqi Baathists to spread havoc and kill innocent people.

The U.S. government expects Syria to find and turn over supporters of Saddam's regime. Syria should not use its territory to support international terrorist groups. The United States expects Syria to adhere to UN Security Council Resolution 1559; which calls for the removal of troops from Lebanon; and Syria is expected to help free and fair elections to take place in Lebanon.

These requests are all very reasonable and are aimed at making the world more peaceful.

President Bush is looking forward to working with America's European friends on his upcoming trip there to discuss ways to work together to convince the Syrians to make rational decisions.

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