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For Immediate Release
February 4, 2005

Global Message

Building the Institutions of Peace and Freedom

America's actions will result in the spread of democracy in the broader Middle East - an important step that will provide an alternative to terror and violence.

To promote peace in the Middle East, President Bush believes we must continue to confront those who are still harboring terrorists.

President Bush, in partnership with nations of the broader Middle East, is advancing political, social, and economic reforms in the region.

Already underway are specific initiatives on strengthening civil society and business groups, better targeting democracy assistance, modernizing education and training systems, expanding the private sector to create jobs, and providing microcredit opportunities for entrepreneurs.

President Bush seeks justice and dignity, and a viable, independent, and democratic state for the Palestinian people.

President Bush has announced that Secretary of State Rice will travel to Israel and the West Bank to work with our partners to build the institutions of a peaceful, independent, democratic state. To promote this democracy, he will ask Congress for $350 million to support Palestinian political, economic, and security reforms.

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