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For Immediate Release
February 2, 2005

Fact Sheet: Ensuring Justice and Fairness for All Americans

Presidential Action

An important part of the American character is our system of justice, and we have a solemn obligation to make sure that cases involving the death penalty have been handled in full accordance with all the guarantees of our Constitution. The foundations of America's democracy depend on the assurance of fairness in our legal system.

The President is committed to ensuring justice and fairness in America's legal system by providing full funding for the use of DNA evidence to solve crime and prevent wrongful convictions, and additional training for defense counsel to help ensure people on trial for their lives have competent attorneys at their side. Additional training will also help ensure prosecutors and judges have skills they need to ensure a fair trial.

Background on Presidential Action

American unity is strengthened by our confident belief in a fair and accurate legal system.

The President is committed to ensuring fairness and justice for all Americans in our legal system.

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