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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
December 11, 2004

President's Remarks to Press Pool

1:42 P.M. EST

Q How are you feeling Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT: I'm -- first of all, incredibly impressed by the health care that our military receives. I have just come from visiting with some of the wounded and their families, and the service that the doctors and nurses provide here for our troops is superb. It is such an honor to see those who have been put themselves -- who have been injured, and are now fighting back and recovering, and seeing their spirit and their strength. And it's an uplifting experience to come here.

I can say to the loved ones in the military that their sons and daughters and husbands and wives get the very best medical care there is. And I am grateful for that.

As far as my own physical goes, I'm still standing. I, obviously, have just gone through a campaign, because -- let me say, I've obviously gone through a campaign where I probably ate too many doughnuts, if you get my drift. My New Year's resolution has become apparent after getting on the scales. And although I think the doc will put out a report that shows you that I'm physically fit, and still able to get on the stress tests, I'm a little overweight. And therefore, I fully intend to lose some inches off my waistline and some pounds off my frame. But other than that, I'm feeling great.

Thank you all.

END 1:44 P.M. EST

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