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For Immediate Release
December 8, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by President Bush, 12/7/04

Next month, Iraqis will vote in free and democratic elections. As election day approaches, we can expect further violence from the terrorists because they know that they have no future in a free Iraq. They know democracy will give Iraqis a stake in the future of their country.

When Iraqis choose their leaders in free elections, it will destroy the myth that the terrorists are fighting a foreign occupation and will make clear that what the terrorists are really fighting is the will of the Iraqi people.

The success of democracy in Iraq will inspire others across the Middle East to defend their own freedom, and to expose the terrorists for what they are: violent extremists on the fringe of society with no agenda for the future -- except tyranny and death.

As Iraqi President al Yawer has said, the Iraqi people are anxious to cast their votes and practice -- for the first time in 45 years -- their right and duty of voting. Free elections will proceed as planned.

A free Iraq will be a major victory in the war on terror because free nations do not export terror. Free nations listen to the hopes and aspirations of their people.

Today's war on terror will not end with a ceremony, or a surrender ceremony on a deck of a battleship -- but it will end with victory. Just as the threats of fascism and imperial communism were defeated in the 20th century, we will defeat the threat of global terrorism, and America will help the people of liberated countries rebuild and secure a future of freedom and peace.

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