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For Immediate Release
December 3, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by President Bush, 12/2/04

Iraqi elections should not be postponed. It is time for Iraqi citizens to go the polls, which is why the United States is very firm on the January 30th election date.

President Bush has always said that he will listen to the requests of American commanders on the ground in Iraq. U.S. commanders requested some troops delay their departure home and the expedition of other troops to help these elections go forward and that request has been honored.

America is working hard to train Iraqi troops. The strategy is to have the Iraqis defend their own freedom and to help them conduct presidential elections.

When Iraq is able to defend itself against the terrorists who are trying to destroy democracy, American troops will come home with the honor they have earned.

Elections in Iraq will amaze many because they will see a country that has been quickly transformed from one of tyranny, torture, and mass graves, to one in which people are allowed to express themselves by voting.

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