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For Immediate Release
December 22, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by British Prime Minister Blair during a visit to Baghdad, 12/21/04

"There surely is only one side to be on in what is now very clearly a battle between democracy and terror..." -- British Prime Minister Blair, Baghdad, 12/21/04

The members and staff of Iraq's electoral commission are heroes of the new Iraq. They are risking their lives every day to make sure that Iraqis get the chance to democratically decide their own destiny.

On one side, there are people who desperately want to make the democratic process work and want to have the same type of democratic freedoms that other parts of the world enjoy. On the other side, there are people who are killing and intimidating, and trying to destroy a better future for Iraq.

The United Nations staff in Iraq has a strong commitment to making sure the elections are held, and they believe that people in Iraq actually do want to participate in a democracy.

As the coalition and Iraq increase the capability of the Iraqi security forces, the police, the army and other forces, multinational troops can leave Iraq in charge of its future. The country will be a stable and democratic partner for the region and for the wider world.

The Iraqi people are not going to quit. A stable and democratic Iraq will make a great difference throughout the region and the world.

The international community must stand alongside those who have the courage to see this effort through.

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