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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
December 9, 2004

President to travel to Europe in February 2005 to Meet with European Leaders
Statement by the Press Secretary

President Bush will travel to Europe in February, 2005, for meetings with European leaders. He will begin his consultations in Brussels, Belgium on February 22, 2005, meeting with Allied Heads of State and Government at NATO. The President will also meet with the EU Presidency, the European Council, and the European Commission President at the EU's Brussels offices and will meet bilaterally with his Belgian hosts. He will make other stops in Europe to be announced separately.

President Bush has stressed his desire to reach out to friends and allies in the EU and NATO to promote development and progress, to defeat terrorism, and to encourage freedom and democracy as alternatives to tyranny and terror. After his re-election, the President announced his desire to travel to Europe soon after the inauguration to deepen transatlantic cooperation, building upon our shared values. This visit follows through on his determination that the United States and Europe work together on the many common challenges we face.

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