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For Immediate Release
December 2, 2004

Global Message

Halifax, Nova Scotia, 12/1/04

Defend our security and spread freedom by building effective multinational and multilateral institutions and supporting effective multilateral action. *America prefers to act with allies. Yet the success of multilateralism is measured by results. *We want to work within the framework of international organizations, and we hope other nations will help us make those institutions more effective.

Fight global terrorism with every action and resource the task requires. *Defense alone is not sufficient. We must take the fight to enemies who plot in secret and set out to murder the innocent and the unsuspecting.

Enhance our security by promoting freedom, hope, and democracy in the broader Middle East. *Progress toward freedom will not come easily, but the world will become much safer as democracy advances. *It is cultural condescension to claim that some peoples or some cultures or some religions are destined to despotism and unsuited for self-government. *We're standing with the people of Afghanistan. We must also stand with the people of Iraq who are preparing for elections on January the 30th. *We will stand with the Palestinian and Israeli peoples and help end the destructive conflict between them. *We seek justice and dignity, and a viable independent and democratic state for the Palestinian people. We seek security and peace for the state of Israel.

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