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For Immediate Release
November 11, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by Deputy Secretary of State Armitage, Kabul, Afghanistan, 11/10/04

The entire world witnessed a near miracle in the Afghan election of October 9th, and for two or three days was focused on Afghanistan.

President Karzai will make his own decisions regarding his cabinet, and those decisions will assure the greatest possible benefits for the people of Afghanistan.

The United States supports what is going on in Afghanistan and will continue to do so. The only possible change that might occur in the next four years would be to accelerate even further our assistance and support for Afghanistan.

The United States has no desire for a permanent military presence in the region. The United States has a temporary need to continue to prosecute al-Qaeda and the Taliban but, at some point, the Afghan National Army will be strong and numerous enough to be able to take care of all of Afghanistan's security responsibilities. The United States and others are training the Afghan National Army and police forces as rapidly as possible.

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