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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 5, 2004

Statement on the EU's Reaffirmation for a Democratic Iraq

President Bush spoke today with the President of the European Council, Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende, and expressed his intention to work with the European Union, building on our shared values and interests, to promote development and progress, defeat terrorists, and encourage freedom and democracy around the world.

The United States especially welcomes the EU's reaffirmation today of its commitment to assist in the emergence of a stable, secure, and democratic Iraq. Following Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi's meeting with the European Council, the EU pledged financial and personnel support for the upcoming national elections in Iraq to be held in January 2005. The European Union also offered financial contributions for the "middle ring" of the U.N. Protection Force and an expert team for planning a mission to Iraq on police, rule of law, and civilian administration. These steps are all important investments in Iraq's future. We look forward to working with the EU, the Iraqi government, and the Iraqi people to ensure continued progress in the economic, social, and political reconstruction of Iraq.

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