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For Immediate Release
October 22, 2004

Global Message

From Secretary of State Powell's interview with Abu Dhabi TV, 10/21/04

Our commitment is solid to have elections in Iraq as required for the UN resolution by the end of January 2005.

We would respect the election results if the election is held in a way that is free, fair and open, and all segments of the Iraqi population got to participate in such an election.

The Iraqi people don't want to go from one form of a totalitarian state to another. They want democracy. They want openness in their society. They want women to participate fully in the life of a future Iraq and we hope the election will produce that result.

If the kind of elections that were held in Afghanistan are held in Iraq, the Iraqi people will speak clearly about who they want their leader to be. They don't want to be led by terrorists and murderers.

The terrorists are targeting the free, fair election that we are committed to at the end of January 2005.

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