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For Immediate Release
October 21, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Allawi, 10/18/04

Iraq has made large strides since Saddam Hussein's regime collapsed and the Iraqis breathed freedom for the first time after many decades. However, Saddam's crimes and the destruction he left behind are still casting their shadow with violence, disdain for citizens' rights, disrespect for the law, and the spread of corruption.

In the field of security, Iraq faces three interlinked types of terrorism: Criminal acts like kidnappings, threats, and blackmail; vandalism targeting the infrastructure of Iraq and the police, National Guard, and multinational; and terrorist acts by foreign elements seeking to disrupt peace and stability.

Prime Minister Allawi is confident that the Iraqi people will triumph. The country's police and National Guard will defeat terrorists who are harming Iraq's security and the safety of its citizens.

Iraq is boosting the capabilities of the police and National Guard forces, building their services, and providing them with the necessary combat equipment.

The power that can defeat the terrorists and those who try to obstruct our march lies in the noble Iraqi people, especially when they succeed in rebuilding their police, army, and National Guard forces.

The day will come when the Iraqi Army will protect Iraq's borders, while the National Guard will provide security for cities, and the police will maintain order and security, and ensure the supremacy of law.

Until this is achieved, Iraq will require the assistance of the multinational forces.

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