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For Immediate Release
October 6, 2004

Global Message

From Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Allawi's remarks to the Iraqi National Council, 10/5/04

Prime Minister Allawi returned to Iraq after speaking to the United Nations General Assembly, representing Iraq in its first visit since 1958.

Iraq is returning to its place in the community of nations after many years of isolation, penalties, and sanctions during Saddam Hussein's regime.

Iraq is beginning to secure an international reputation by trying to change the distorted reputation of Iraq. The international community has supported -- without reservation -- a strong and prosperous Iraq.

The most important challenge faced by the Iraqi government is the country's reconstruction, which is dependant on defeating the terrorists and insurgents.

It is important that Iraq not give in to terrorists by accepting their demands and forgetting the Iraqi people's aspirations.

The terrorists are challenging the will of the Iraqi people, and are betting on their failure. They want to destroy Iraq. The road that terrorists have chosen is in contradiction to the aspirations of the Iraqi people, and is an attempt to usurp the political process using a barbarous method of violence that is not approved by religion.

It is the responsibility of the Iraqi government to confront these groups, and to try to eliminate them. Iraq's military operations will continue and its brave forces, working with the Multinational Forces, will restore stability and security to all cities threatened by terrorists.

Upcoming elections will be conducted on time. For the first time in its history, Iraq will have free, transparent, and legitimate elections at the end of January.

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