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For Immediate Release
September 21, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi, in a joint press conference with UK Prime Minister Blair, 9/19/04

The Iraqi Interim Government is adamant that democracy will prevail. Prime Minister Allawi is calling upon the United Nations to help make Iraq's January elections a success.

Iraq's new government is succeeding. Many good things have happened in Iraq such as the country's security, economy, path to democracy, and its political process. Regardless of what some media are saying, the Iraqi people are moving ahead.

The Iraqi people are fighting a global war against terrorists who are trying to wreak havoc on the world, to destabilize Iraq, to destabilize the region, and to destabilize peace in the world.

The United Nations has many agencies that should be involved in Iraq. The Iraqi Interim Government would like to see greater involvement by the United Nations and the agencies of the United Nations.

January elections will be a major blow to terrorists and insurgents. Once Iraq goes through the democratic process and achieves progress towards democracy, the terrorists will be defeated.

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