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For Immediate Release
September 15, 2004

Global Message

From Homeland Security Secretary Ridge in remarks at the Transatlantic Homeland Security Conference, 9/13/04

The fight against terrorism is the fight of every nation and every citizen that stands on the side of hope and liberty. As we know all too well from the terrorist attacks in Bali, Baghdad, Istanbul, Madrid, and Beslan, terrorism is a global enemy, and therefore, requires a global response.

International terrorism has become the new totalitarian threat. We now face an enemy without flags, borders, or elected representatives. This enemy has a deep hatred, and the desire to see a peace-loving representative government and its citizens undermined.

Terrorists have greater mobility, more targets to choose from, and more places to hide than ever before. To fight back, we, too, must exploit our assets, use diplomacy, intelligence, law enforcement, asset seizure, and take a multi-lateral approach to a multi-national problem.

One of the most valuable tools in our arsenal is strong partnerships, both national and global in scope. They build barriers to terrorists and build bridges to partnerships that eliminate gaps our enemies could otherwise exploit.

The war on terror is not a test of military strength. It is a test of will and endurance. The terrorists have no plans to surrender their arms in the near future. This is going to be a long, protracted, difficult fight that will test the strength of nations.

America and her friends have stared down the daunting armies of Hitler and the oppression of communism. United in our determination, we won great victories for liberty. Today, we stare down the callous soldiers of hate and the horrific reality of global terrorism. Once again, we stand united in our determination to defeat it.

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