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For Immediate Release
June 28, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by NSA Rice during a press briefing on President Bush's trip to Ireland and Turkey, 6/24/04.

At the U.S.-E.U. and NATO summits, President Bush will continue to build an international consensus on Iraq and generate European backing for his broader Middle East initiative.

President Bush will engage in discussions in NATO, an Alliance which has contributed so much to the spread of peace and freedom throughout the world, the ways the Alliance can help deal with the threats of the 21st century.

NATO has had a very important role in Afghanistan, and President Bush will also discuss what NATO can do to help the Iraqis in their quest for stability.

President Bush intends to continue to demonstrate the strength of America's relationship with the European Union -- including discussions on countering terrorism, combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and spreading prosperity through open and free trade.

President Bush looks forward to the visit to Turkey, and to the opportunity to strengthen the United States' strategic partnership with a leading secular democracy within the Muslim world.

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