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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 24, 2004

Memorandum for the Secretary of State
Presidential Determination No. 2004-38


SUBJECT: Determination Pursuant to Section 2(c)(1) of the

Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962, as


Pursuant to section 2(c)(1) of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962, as amended, 22 U.S.C. 2601(c)(1), I hereby determine that it is important to the national interest that up to $34 million be made available from the U.S. Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund to meet unexpected urgent refugee and migration needs, including those of refugees, displaced persons, conflict victims, and other persons at risk, from the crises in the West Bank and Gaza, Sudan, and Chad. These funds may be used, as appropriate, to provide contributions to international, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations, and, as necessary, for administrative expenses of the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration.

You are authorized and directed to inform the appropriate committees of the Congress of this determination and the obligation of funds under this authority, and to arrange for the publication of this memorandum in the Federal Register.


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