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For Immediate Release
June 10, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi, 6/9/04

It will be a great day when Iraq is transferred from the era of occupation to a new era and regains its complete sovereignty.

The international community responded to all Iraqis and voted in favor of the resolution, stating that the Iraqi Interim Government will be handed full power.

Freedom and democracy prevailed with the help of Iraq's friends and allies and the coalition forces.

The interim government will be fully committed and will act honestly, so as not to take any decision that will affect the future of Iraq until there is an elected government at the beginning of next year.

The new resolution guarantees that the interim government will construct Iraq's security forces in partnership with the multinational forces.

The international forces will be working under the umbrella of the United Nations and under the review of the Iraqi government.

In one year, the Iraqi government may end the task of the multinational forces when Iraqi forces alone are able to maintain security throughout the country.

On June 30, Iraq will be a recognized nation stretching bridges of cooperation with all nations worldwide according to the principle of mutual interests and respect.

It is now time to start serious work on an inclusive national assembly that should represent all Iraqis without any discrimination based on religion or political dogma, to prepare for the elections that will be held in January 2005.

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