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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 20, 2004

Statement by the Press Secretary
Chen Shui-bian's Inaugural Address

During his May 20 second inaugural address, Chen Shui-bian laid out views on Taiwan's relations with Beijing and on his plans for constitutional reform. The United States welcomes these remarks as responsible and constructive. By making clear his administration's commitment not to take steps that would unilaterally change the status quo, underscoring its openness to seeking accord with Beijing, and reaffirming previous commitments on cross-Strait relations, Chen Shui-bian's address creates an opportunity for Taipei and Beijing to restore dialogue across the Strait. In this context, we note that Beijing's May 16 statement on Taiwan also included some constructive elements. The United States urges Beijing and Taipei to seek creative means to build mutual trust and goodwill.

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