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For Immediate Release
April 27, 2004

Global Message

From ORHA reports

The Ba'ath Party poisoned Iraqi political life and was one of the most brutal instruments of Saddam's tyranny.

There is no room in the new Iraq for Ba'athist ideology or Ba'athist criminals.

Many Iraqis have complained that de-Ba'athification procedures have been applied unevenly and sometimes unfairly, particularly in the education sector. The result was that many teachers who were Ba'ath Party members in name only were dismissed from their jobs.

In coordination with the Minister of Education, the Minister of Higher Education, and the Chairman of the Supreme National De-Ba'athification Commission, the coalition is taking steps to ensure that the policy is implemented fairly and efficiently.

De-Ba'athification Review Committees were established last year to review thousands of appeals from former Ba'athists who were dismissed from jobs but, under the de-Ba'athification procedures, have a right to apply for reinstatement.

The decisions made by local de-Ba'athification appeals committees of the Ministry of Education will be effective immediately. This will allow thousands of teachers to return to work. Thousands more will begin receiving pensions this week.

The National De-Ba'athification Commission will handle the cases of hundreds of university professors with the same urgency.

Professors who did not use their posts to intimidate others or commit crimes should be allowed to return to work promptly.

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