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For Immediate Release
April 16, 2004

Global Message

President Bush outlined his strategy for Iraq's transition to sovereignty during his 4/13/04 press conference

"America's objective in Iraq is limited, and it is firm: We seek an independent, free and secure Iraq. We have set a deadline of June 30th for the transfer of sovereignty back to the Iraqi people. It is important that we meet that deadline." --President Bush, 4/13/04

June 30, 2004 -- Iraqi officials will assume full responsibility for the ministries of government. The transitional administrative law, including a bill of rights that is unprecedented in the Arab world, will take full effect.

June 30, 2004 -- The United States and the coalition will establish normal diplomatic relations with the Iraqi government. An American embassy will open, and an American ambassador will be posted.

January 2005 -- Iraq will hold elections for a national assembly.

October 2005 -- The permanent constitution will be presented to the Iraqi people in a national referendum. The national assembly will be responsible for drafting this new, permanent constitution.

December 15, 2005 -- Iraqis will elect a permanent government by December 15, 2005, which will mark the completion of Iraq's transition from dictatorship to freedom.

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