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For Immediate Release
April 2, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by Ambassador Bremer at a commencement ceremony for Iraqi police officers, 4/1/04

Yesterday's events in Fallujah are a dramatic example of the ongoing struggle between human dignity and barbarism.

Five brave soldiers were killed in the attack. Then, two vehicles containing four Americans were attacked, and their dead bodies subjected to barbarous maltreatment.

The acts we have seen were despicable and inexcusable. They violate the tenets of all religions, including Islam, as well as the foundations of civilized society.

These acts are also a crime under law and a crime against the future of Iraq.

Their deaths will not go unpunished.

Our sympathy goes out to the families of all, civilian and military, Iraqi and Coalition, who have given their lives in the war to liberate Iraq and free it from terrorism. They have not died in vain.

The Coalition, Americans and others, came here to help the people of Iraq. We came to help Iraq recover from decades of dictatorship, to help the people of Iraq gain the democracy and freedom desired by the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi people.

These murders are a painful outrage, but they will not derail the march to stability and democracy in Iraq.

We will not walk away from our shared commitment to the people of Iraq and to justice. For as long as necessary, the Coalition will continue to do what is necessary for Iraq to defend itself against murderers and terrorists.

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