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For Immediate Release
March 12, 2004

Global Message

From testimony by CIA Director Tenet before the Senate Armed Services Committee, 3/9/04

The al-Qaeda leadership structure we charted after September 11 is seriously damaged, but the group remains as committed as ever to attacking the US homeland.

Military and intelligence operations by the United States and its allies overseas have degraded the group. Local al-Qaeda cells are forced to make their own decisions because of the central leadership's disarray.

Over the past 18 months, we have killed or captured key al-Qaeda leaders in every significant operational area -- logistics, planning, finance, and training -- and have eroded the key pillars of the organization. We are creating large and growing gaps in the al-Qaeda hierarchy.

Bringing key operators to ground disrupted plots that would otherwise have killed Americans.

Al-Qaeda's finances are being squeezed. This is due in part to takedowns of key moneymen in the past year, particularly the Gulf, Southwest Asia, and even Iraq.

In this battle, we are moving forward in our knowledge of the enemy, including his plans, capabilities, and intentions.

What we have learned continues to validate the concern that this enemy remains intent on obtaining -- and using -- catastrophic weapons.

We are receiving a broad array of help from our coalition partners, who have been central to our effort against al-Qaeda.

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