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For Immediate Release
March 11, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by Secretary of State Powell before the U.S. House Appropriations Committee, 3/10/04

The United States faces one of its greatest challenges in developing a secure, free and prosperous Iraq.

The Coalition Provisional Authority and the Iraqi Governing Council have made great strides in the areas of security, economic stability and growth, and democratization. Iraqi security forces now comprise more than half of the total security forces in the country.

The CPA has established a New Iraqi Army, issued a new currency, refurbished and equipped schools and hospitals and is taking steps to return sovereignty to the Iraqi people this summer.

The United States and our Coalition partners will continue to train Iraqi police, border guards, the Civil Defense Corps and the Army to ensure the country's security as we effect a timely transition to democratic self-governance and a stable future.

The United States and our Coalition partners are helping provide Iraq with critical infrastructure, including clean water, electricity and reliable telecommunications systems. These are essential for meeting basic human needs and for economic and democratic development.

The Iraqi Governing Council approved the new Administrative Law on February 29, 2004. This was a major achievement and speaks well for the progress being made in governance.

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