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Excerpts from the Press Briefing by Scott McClellan, February 5, 2004 (Full Transcript)

MS. BUCHAN: Well, America's workers continue to defy expectations, and the GDP numbers today are encouraging and they are obviously very positive. The President believes that we still have more work to do to help translate the economic growth into job creation, which is why he is going to continue to urge the Congress to pass his six-point plan, one of which is, as you might recall, is medical liability reform. And so that's -- it's positive news, but there's more work to be done.

QUESTION: Is 8.2 sustainable? Is that something that we -- can sustain the U.S. economy?

MS. BUCHAN: I think as we spoke when the first round of the GDP numbers came out, I don't think anyone necessarily anticipates that that number will be a number that you'll see in coming months. But it's obviously a very positive number, and one that will hopefully begin to show increases in jobs. But the President is still cautiously optimistic and believes that there is more to be done to translate the economic growth into job creation.

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