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For Immediate Release
January 20, 2004

Global Message

From Ambassador Bremer's statement, 1/18/04

A car bomb exploded Sunday near the main gate to the Baghdad headquarters of the Coalition.

The terrorist bombing, which killed at least 24 people, is an outrage. It is another clear indication of the murderous and cynical intent of terrorists to undermine freedom, democracy and progress in Iraq. They will not succeed.

The attack, which took place at the height of rush hour in Baghdad, was clearly timed to claim the maximum possible number of innocent victims.

Once again, it is innocent Iraqis who have been murdered by these terrorists in a senseless act of violence.

Our determination to work for a stable and democratic future for this country is undiminished.

Our plan to hand over remaining authority to a new Iraqi government in July this year remains unchanged.

The Coalition is doing all it can to assist the Iraqi security and emergency services in dealing with the aftermath of this terrorist attack.

Many of the Iraqi wounded are being treated in a nearby Coalition military hospital, and will be given the best care available.

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