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For Immediate Release
January 19, 2004

Global Message

From the President's Radio Address, 1/17/04

On Tuesday, President Bush will report to the Congress and the American people on the State of the Union. The President's address will include progress on the nation's domestic and international priorities.

The United States continues to wage a relentless campaign against terrorists who threaten our country.

We are fighting this war on the offensive; denying terrorists refuge; identifying and seizing their secret finances; and holding terrorists and their sponsors to account.

For the sake of freedom and security, we will continue to fight the war on terror.

The United States is confronting dangers across the greater Middle East. We are promoting democracy and hope as the alternative to terror and violence.

Afghanistan -- once ruled by the brutal Taliban regime -- has adopted a new constitution and is following the path of democracy.

The leader of Libya has pledged to disclose and dismantle his weapons of mass destruction programs.

In Iraq, the enemies of freedom are being systematically rounded up and Iraqis are assuming greater responsibility for their own security and future government.

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