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For Immediate Release
January 16, 2004

Global Message

From an address by current Governing Council President Adnan Pachachi, 1/15/04

Dr. Pachachi announced his upcoming trip to the United States for a meeting with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Ambassador Bremer. On Thursday, Dr. Pachachi said:

He wants to discuss what the Iraqi Governing Council and the Iraqi people want from the UN, and what the UN is prepared to do in Iraq.

Iraq is moving through a very important phase toward regaining sovereignty on June 30.

The Iraqi Governing Council is determined to adhere to the schedule laid out in the November 15 agreement.

He recognizes that a general election is the best way to achieve a political result while enjoying widespread support. He also acknowledged the great difficulties entailed in holding an election now.

The importance of finding the best possible approach to choosing the members of the transitional assembly, in light of the difficulty of holding a general election.

Two statements from the UN Secretary General pointing out the problems of having an election now.

That there is general agreement on the June 30th handover of sovereignty. He also said it is normal to have differences on the details of a transition such as this.

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