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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
December 27, 2003

U.S. to Deploy Humanitarian Assistance to People of Iran
Statement by the Press Secretary

The United States government is currently working with Iranian authorities, the United Nations, and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent to rapidly deploy humanitarian assistance to the people of Iran following yesterday's devastating earthquake in Bam.

The United States will deploy civilian teams composed of more than 200 experts in urban search and rescue, emergency surgery, and disaster response coordination -- including medical response teams from Boston, Massachusetts, and local disaster response teams from Los Angeles, California, and Fairfax County, Virginia. Disaster response experts will also be drawn from USAID, FEMA, and the Department of State, and the US military will deliver more than 150,000 pounds of medical supplies from bases in Kuwait to the people of Iran.

The United States will continue to work with Iranian authorities and international relief organizations to help the people of Iran during this challenging time.


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