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For Immediate Release
December 5, 2003

Global Message

From remarks by President Bush with King Abdullah of Jordan, 12/5/03

Peace in the Middle East requires:

A Palestinian state that is at peace with Israel; A Palestinian state based upon democratic principles; A Palestinian state that recognizes the hopes and aspirations of its people; and *A Palestinian state with leadership which is committed to defeating and dismantling the terrorist organizations who are trying to prevent a Palestinian state from emerging.

If the Israelis support a Palestinian state, which they have said they do, then conditions on the ground must be conducive for a Palestinian state to emerge.

Nations in the neighborhood must also take responsibility.

President Bush stood up with King Abdullah of Jordan, Prime Minister Sharon and then Prime Minister Abu Mazen, and they made a public declaration that we were prepared to work together for the creation of a Palestinian state.

Abu Mazen has since been shoved aside, and the process stalled. The Palestinians need leadership that is willing to remain committed to the aspirations of their people, and bold enough to stand up and fight off the terrorists organizations.

President Bush and King Abdullah are willing to work with such leaders as they emerge.

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