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For Immediate Release
December 16, 2003

Global Message

From remarks by President Bush, 12/15/03

The people of Iraq have lost a source of fear with the capture of Saddam Hussein, and they can now focus with confidence on the task of creating a hopeful and self-governing nation. The enemies of a free Iraq have lost their leader, and they've lost any hope of regaining power. The nightmare of the Baathist tyranny is finally over.

The terrorists in Iraq remain dangerous. The work of our Coalition remains difficult, and will require further sacrifice. Yet, it should now be clear to all, Iraq is on the path to freedom.

A free Iraq will serve the peace and security of America and the world.

In 2003, we have become a safer, more prosperous and better nation. Our armed forces, joined by our allies, continue on the offensive against terrorist enemies around the world. We continue our systematic hunt for al Qaeda leaders and al Qaeda cells in many countries.

Whatever justice is meted out to Saddam Hussein needs to stand up to international scrutiny. It will be up to the Iraqi people how he will be treated.

Iraqis can count on America remaining there until the job is done. There will probably be some who will continue to test our will, but we will stay the course.

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