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For Immediate Release
December 9, 2003

Global Message

From remarks by Ambassador Bremer to the Iraqi people

Attacks by insurgents against the Iraqi people are intended to drive a wedge between the Iraqi people and the Coalition, isolating Iraq from the modern world.

The killers are increasing their attacks on Iraqi police, Iraqi mayors and Iraqi officials. They attack the police first because the police try to prevent their sabotage and murder, but also because the police bring the rule of law -- and the killers fear the rule of law.

The killers attack mayors and government officials because they want to eliminate those who can, through their accomplishments, emerge as leaders.

The Coalition and Governing Council have announced specific dates for an end to occupation, for a representative, sovereign Iraqi government, for a permanent constitution and for direct elections of a government. Insurgents attack the process because it leads to representative government -- one that will have no room for Saddamists or jihadists.

They know that the Iraqi people will never elect a government like the one Saddam created.

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