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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 21, 2003

President's Remarks

President Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Turkey
Remarks by President Bush and Prime Minister Blair to the Travel Pool
All-Weather Pitch
Sedgefield Community College
Sedgefield, England

2:22 P.M. (Local)

PRESIDENT BUSH: It was a sad day yesterday, but it's a day that reminds us all that we've got a job to do, that is to defeat terror.

Q What did you tell Erdogan, sir?


Q What did you tell the Turkish leader?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I told him our prayers are with his people. I told him that we will work with him to defeat terror, and that the terrorists have decided to use Turkey as a front.

Q -- specific aid, like sending FBI agents or investigators?

PRESIDENT BUSH: You'll see as time goes on. Both countries want to help. Obviously, we need to share intelligence. The best way to defeat al Qaeda-type killers is to share intelligence and then work with local authorities to hunt these killers down.

Great Britain has got a fantastic intelligence service, and we've got a good one, as well. And we want to work with countries like Turkey to anticipate and to find killers.

Q Is Turkey a new front in this war on terror?

PRESIDENT BUSH: It sure is. Two major explosions. And Iraq is a front, Turkey is a front, anywhere where the terrorists think they can strike is a front.

Q -- Turkish officials wanted to go and strike al Qaeda in perhaps another country or another site?

PRESIDENT BUSH: We'll work with any country willing to fight off terror. Just like Great Britain. This country is fortunate to have a Prime Minister who is clear-sighted about the threats of the 21st century. And America is lucky to have a friend as strong as Tony Blair.

Q Do you like having all these press around you?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Do I like having all the press around me? Let me see here. (Laughter.) Now, who has the final -- let me ask, who has the final word, I wonder, me or the press? I love the press around me. Just take a look at this lot. Take, for example, Scott. He thinks he's a fine runner -- until he came out to the ranch -- never mind. (Laughter.)

PRIME MINISTER BLAIR: I'll tell you the truth a bit later, okay? (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, we like the press. A vibrant society is a society with a free press.

Thank you all.

END 2:26 P.M. (Local)

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