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For Immediate Release
November 21, 2003

Global Message

From a Declaration on Iraq by President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, 11/20/03

For the first time in decades, the Iraqi people are enjoying the taste of freedom. They are free of Saddam Hussein and his vicious regime; they can speak freely; practice their religion; and start to come to terms with the nightmare of the last 35 years.

Iraq is still threatened by followers of the former regime, and by outside terrorists who are helping them. We will persevere to ensure that the people of Iraq will prevail, with the support of the new and strengthening Iraqi security forces.

The United States and United Kingdom reaffirm their resolve, with many friends and allies, to complete the process of bringing freedom, security and peace to Iraq.

We welcome the Iraqi Governing Council's announcement of a timetable for the creation of a sovereign Iraqi Transitional Administration by the end of June 2004; and of a process leading to the adoption of a permanent constitution and national elections for a new Iraqi government by the end of 2005.

This announcement is consistent with our long-stated aim of handing over power to Iraqis as quickly as possible.

The United States and United Kingdom stand ready to support the Transitional Administration in its task of building a new Iraq and its democratic institutions.

Our military participation in the multinational force in Iraq will serve the Iraqi people until the Iraqis themselves are able to discharge full responsibility for their own security. We also hope that international partners will increasingly participate in the multinational force.

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