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For Immediate Release
October 27, 2003

Excerpt from President's Remarks

From the President's Remarks on October 27, 2003 (click here for the full transcript)

Q The fires in Southern California now not only taking homes, but there are a number of casualties. What can your administration do to come in and help? Are you getting reports on what's happening in California?

THE PRESIDENT: I am. Chief of Staff Andy Card spoke to the governor last night, spoke to the senators last night, Senator Boxer, spoke to Congressman Duncan Hunter, assured all three that the federal government will provide all resources necessary, at the request of the state, to work and fight these fires. FEMA Director Brown is on his way to California now. He will give us an assessment. We want to help put them out. This is a devastating fire, and it's a dangerous fire. And we're prepared to help in any way we can.

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