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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 23, 2003

Statement on Class Action Fairness Act
Statement by the President

October 23, 2003

Yesterday, thirty-nine Members of the U.S. Senate blocked an up or down vote on a bill that would reduce frivolous lawsuits and the burden they place on our economy. The Class Action Fairness Act would protect the legal rights of all citizens while ensuring that court awards and settlements go to those who are wrongfully injured rather than to a few wealthy trial lawyers. Class action reform will allow businesses and their employees to go back to the business of growing our economy and creating jobs. It was passed by the House and is favored by a large, bi-partisan majority in the Senate. Those who are serious about bringing an end to frivolous lawsuits in this Nation and protecting the rights of those who are wrongfully injured should strongly support this legislation. I am eager to sign it, our economy needs it, and I urge those Senators who stand in the way to let the will of the people be heard.


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