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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 21, 2003

President Bush Meets with Prime Minister of Singapore
Remarks by President Bush in a Photo Opportunity with Prime Minister Goh of Singapore
The Istana

8:55 P.M. (Local)

PRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. Prime Minister, thanks. It's so gracious of you to host us, and it's a chance for me to say to the Singapore people how much we appreciate our friendship. And I appreciate our personal relationship, Mr. Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is a wise man. He understands Southeast Asia very well. And a lot of our discussion was about how we continue to foster our agenda which is one of peace and freedom, as well as prosperity through trade.

I appreciate your good advice, and I want to thank you for your warm hospitality. It's a magnificent country you have here. We're honored to be here. Thank you again.

END 8:57 P.M. (Local)

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