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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 16, 2003

Presidential Message: 25th Anniversary of the Pontificate of His Holiness John Paul II

I send greetings to those gathered to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Pontificate of His Holiness John Paul II.

As a priest, chaplain, professor, Auxiliary Bishop, Archbishop, Cardinal, and Pope, His Holiness has spent a lifetime sharing God's teachings and ministering to those in need. He has put hope in people's hearts and inspired acts of goodness and compassion. For the past 25 years, His Holiness has led worldwide efforts to develop a new culture of life that values and protects the lives of innocent children waiting to be born. He has also brought the love of the Almighty to people of all ages, particularly those who suffer or live in poverty, or who are weak and vulnerable. Pope John Paul II has shown the world not only the splendor of truth, but also the power of truth to overcome evil and to redirect the course of history.

The United States and the world are better because of his dedication to sharing his wisdom, guidance, and faith. Laura joins me in sending our best wishes on this special occasion.


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