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For Immediate Release
Office of Laura Bush
October 6, 2003

State Dinner Q & A
Fact Sheet: Questions and Answers Regarding the State Dinner in Honor of His Excellency, Mwai Kibaki, Cgh, Mp, President of the Republic of Kenya and Mrs. Lucy Kibaki

     Fact sheet In Focus: State Visit

President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush are honored to host His Excellency, Mwai Kibaki, CGH, MP, President of the Republic of Kenya and Mrs. Lucy Kibaki for a State Dinner on Monday, October 6, 2003.

Who is invited to the State Dinner?
A diverse representation of guests from across the country, including elected officials, cabinet members, community leaders, academicians and civic leaders, will attend. Invitations were created by the White House calligraphers and mailed beginning in early September. The State Dinner is the result of two months of planning.

Who prepared the menu?
White House Chef Walter Scheib has served his creations at the White House for 9 years. Roland Mesnier is the White House Pastry Chef responsible for creating the dessert. His works of art have pleased guests and residents for 23 years.

What is the menu?
Guests will enjoy a menu of Grilled Halibut, Bay Scallop Risotto and Lobster Sauce, served with Shafer Chardonnay "Red Shoulder" 2001; Roasted Rack of Lamb, Wild Mushrooms and Armagnac Sauce, Sweet Potato Flan and Autumn Vegetables, served with Soter Pinot Noir "Beacon Hill" 1999; Avocado and Heirloom Tomato Salad with Toasted Cumin Dressing. For dessert, guests will be served Arabica Ice Cream and Coffee Liquor Parfait, Caramelized Banana and Pineapple served with Honig Sauvignon Blanc "Late Harvest" 2002.

Where does the dinner take place?
The dinner will take place in the State Dining Room on the State Floor, following a reception in the East Room of the State Floor. Entertainment will also take place in the East Room. The guest receiving line will take place in the Blue Room.

How many guests will be in attendance?
One hundred thirty guests will be seated in the State Dining Room.

How are guests seated?
A member of the Bush Administration will serve as the table host at each of the 13 tables. A member of the Kenyan delegation sits to the table host's right. Traditionally, couples are seated at different tables.

What are the floral arrangements?
Chief Florist Nancy Clarke, who has worked in the White House Flower Shop for more than 20 years, worked with Mrs. Bush to select centerpieces and arrangements of peach and coral roses and peach vallota lilies in crystal pedestal bowls.

How are the table settings decorated?
Melon Damask tablecloths will cover the thirteen tables. Each table will be adorned with the Clinton China, which is ivory with a gold rim, and features a vignette of the White House; the Vermeil Flatware; the President's House crystal pattern; and crystal candlesticks, with ivory colored tapers, will be used at each table.

What is the itinerary for entertainment?

Who designed Mrs. Bush's evening gown?
Mrs. Bush will wear a coral-colored evening gown designed by Arnold Scaasi.

Who are the Social Secretaries?
The Social Secretary is Catherine Fenton. Mrs. Fenton served as Deputy Social Secretary for President Reagan for five years and to former President Bush for four years. Her deputy is Jeanie Figg who served in President Reagan's and former President Bush's office.

When was the last State Dinner hosted for the President of the Republic of Kenya?
President Jimmy Carter hosted a State Dinner for President Moi during his visit to Washington, D.C. on February 20, 1980.

How many State Dinners have President and Mrs. Bush hosted?
The Kenya State Dinner is the fourth of the Administration. The other three were for the Philippines in May 2003, Poland in July 2002 and Mexico in September 2001.


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