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For Immediate Release
October 3, 2003

Global Message, 10/3/03

From remarks by Secretary of State Powell, Foreign Press Center, 10/2/03

Progress is being made in Iraq on many fronts, including: -Formation of a Governing Council -Creation of cabinet ministries -Reestablishing Iraq's infrastructure -Opening and furnishing schools

The United States will return full authority to the Iraqi people as quickly as possible, but much work has to be done first.

The United States and the Coalition will take the time necessary to ensure Iraq's success.

We will make sure that when the Iraqi people assume full control of their country, Iraq can be stable, live in peace with its neighbors and be a source of pride to its people.

Our proposed UN resolution invites the Governing Council to submit its program and timetable for assuming additional responsibility in the weeks and months ahead -- until they are through the process of writing a constitution and having elections.

The proposed resolution also discusses a role for the UN secretary-general and the special representative that is broader than their current roles.

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