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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 20, 2003

Statement by the Press Secretary
One Hundred Years of Diplomatic Relations with Bulgaria

Yesterday, the United States and Bulgaria celebrated 100 years of established diplomatic relations. Our relations today are at a historic level. The United States rejoiced at Bulgaria's return to democracy and freedom after 1989. Since then, our relationship has grown ever stronger and deeper. The President helped lead the decision by NATO's heads of state in November 2002 to invite Bulgaria into the NATO Alliance, and last May, the Senate unanimously voted to support Bulgaria's NATO membership. Bulgaria has been a strong supporter, friend, and partner of the United States and will soon be an ally. Bulgaria and the United States stand together in the global war on terrorism. In the Security Council and with troops on the ground in Iraq, Bulgaria has been a firm supporter of ending the Saddam regime and of helping the Iraqi people build a free, peaceful, and democratic state. We look forward to a strong and cooperative relationship with Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people in the years to come.

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