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For Immediate Release
September 15, 2003

Global Message

From President Bush's remarks at Fort Stewart, Georgia, 9/12/03

We are not waiting for further attacks on our citizens. We are striking our enemies before they can strike us again. Wars are won on the offensive - and America and its friends are staying on the offensive.

We are hunting the al-Qaida terrorists wherever they still hide. Nearly two-thirds of al-Qaida's known leaders have been captured or killed.

Iraq is now the central front in the war on terror.

America will do whatever is necessary to complete our work, and win this essential victory.

The Coalition has enforced the demands of the UN Security Council in Iraq, in one of the swiftest and most humane military campaigns in history.

Because of U.S. and coalition military efforts, catastrophic weapons will no longer be in the hands of a reckless, unstable dictator.

The terrorists have a strategic goal. They want America to leave Iraq before its work is done. Terrorists believe their attacks on innocent people will shake the will of the civilized world.

Our military is confronting terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places, so that our people will not have to confront terrorist violence in the streets of our own cities.

In Iraq, we have three objectives: to destroy the terrorists with swift and decisive action; to bring in other nations to help Iraq build a free country - which will make us all secure; and to encourage the orderly transfer of sovereignty and authority to the Iraqi people.

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