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For Immediate Release
September 11, 2003

Global Message

From President Bush's remarks at the FBI Academy, Quantico, Va., 9/10/03

For two years, America has been on the offensive against global terror networks - overseas and at home. We are taking effective measures to protect our homeland.

We are aggressively striking the terrorists in Iraq - defeating them there so we won't have to face them in the United States.

Our objectives in Iraq are to destroy the terrorists, enlist international support for a free Iraq, and quickly transfer authority to the Iraqi people.

We are calling on other nations to help Iraqis build a free country - which will make us all more secure. These are not easy tasks, but they are essential.

The spread of freedom is one of the keys to victory against terror. By removing the tyrants who support terror, and ending the hopelessness that feeds terror, we are helping the people of the Middle East, and we are strengthening the security of America.

Terrorists understand that the advance of freedom will discredit their cause, and isolate them from sources of support.

Since September 11, 2001, we have made progress against the enemy. Al-Qaida has lost nearly two-thirds of its known leaders, who have been captured or killed. Terror networks have lost nearly $200 million, which we have frozen or seized more than 1,400 terrorist accounts around the world.

The terrorists have lost a sponsor in Iraq. No terrorist network will ever gain weapon of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein's regime.

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