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For Immediate Release
September 4, 2003

Global Message

From Sec. of State Colin Powell's remarks, 9/3/03

The Polish military units have assumed responsibility for security in 90 percent of Iraq's central region.

This is another indication of the international coalition and the willingness of nations to assume responsibilities in Iraq to help the Iraqi people rebuild their country and rebuild their lives.

We welcome the contributions of other nations, and we hope other nations will do the same. This is part of President Bush's strategy of ensuring that this is an international operation.

Saddam Hussein's regime was a problem that was brought to the international community last September. We worked it through Resolution 1441, Resolution 1483, and then Resolution 1500 - which welcomed the creation of the Iraqi Governing Council.

Now we have begun a new effort with respect to our diplomatic efforts to generate international support for Iraq. We are consulting with Security Council members on a new resolution with two primary parts:

-First, to invite the Iraqi Governing Council to submit a plan and a timetable for its political evolution.

-Second, to authorize a multinational force under unified command. The unified command includes the Central Command representatives in Iraq, and we would invite additional nations to participate in such multinational efforts.

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