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Renewal in Iraq

For Immediate Release
August 6, 2003

Global Message

More From Bater Wardam on Iraq

"true, What Happened to the Family of President Saddam is major drama, but it is no different from what thousands of families in Iraq faced under his rule. There is not a single Iraqi family that did not lose a son or a father or more to the haphazard wars, the oppression of the opposition, the snitching, the executions, the fleeing from the country, the hunger, and the disease....

"President Saddam ruled with the power of fear and with an iron fist. This meant the people's submission, but it could not have meant love at all.... The fate of President Saddam and his family is not important, and it should not be focused upon, because what is important is Iraq's fate as a state and people under the occupation." -- Bater Wardam, Columnist for the Jordanian daily Al-Dustour, 8/4/03

Rewards for Justice

Secretary of State Colin Powell approved the payment of a $30 million reward to the person who provided the critical piece of information that led to Uday and Qusay Hussein. The award for Saddam's sons was set at $15 million each.

A Renewed Iraq for Iraqis

The Coalition's three major goals:

Themes for the week of August 3rd

It has been almost 100 days since the end of major combat operations and successes the Iraqis with the Coalition partners have achieved:

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