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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 31, 2003

President's Statement on Earth Observation Summit
Statement by the President

The United States is pleased to host more than 30 nations at the Earth Observation Summit. The Summit participants will discuss plans for achieving the goal of building a better integrated earth observation system in the next 10 years, an objective established by the G-8 Heads of State in Evian, France, in June 2003. An integrated earth observation system will benefit people around the world, particularly those in the Southern Hemisphere. Working together, our nations will develop and link observation technologies for tracking weather and climate changes in every corner of the world, which will allow us to make more informed decisions affecting our environment and economies. Our cooperation will enable us to develop the capability to predict droughts, prepare for weather emergencies, plan and protect crops, manage coastal areas and fisheries, and monitor air quality.

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