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For Immediate Release
August 24, 2006

June 25, 2003


From the President's meeting with President Musharraf

  • Pakistan and the United States are working together closely on common challenges. Both countries are threatened by global terror and are determined to defeat it. Pakistan's support was essential in the campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

  • As part of the Global War on Terrorism, Pakistan has apprehended more than 500 Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists.

  • The United States has cancelled $1 billion of debt owed by Pakistan.

  • The Administration will work with Congress to provide $3 billion in development and security assistance to Pakistan over five years, in annual installments of $600 million.

  • In addition, the Administration has requested $120 million in FY 2004 for Pakistan in development assistance, health, law enforcement, and other programs.

  • A Trade and Investment Framework Agreement will be concluded to create a formal structure that will expand our bilateral economic partnership and promote investment.
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