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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 1, 2003

Personnel Announcement

President George W. Bush today announced his intention to nominate three individuals and appoint one individual to serve in his administration:

The President intends to nominate Gwendolyn Brown of Virginia, to be Chief Financial Officer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, where she currently serves as Deputy Chief Financial Officer for Financial Management. Previously, Ms. Brown served as a Senior Program Analyst with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), Directorate for Program and Financial Control at the Pentagon. Earlier in her career, she served as a Management Analyst for the Department of Defense and as a Legislative Correspondent for Senator Ted Stevens. Ms. Brown earned her bachelor's degree from The Catholic University of America and her master's degree from The American University.

The President intends to appoint Joan Avalyn Dempsey of Virginia, to be Executive Director of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB). Currently, Ms. Dempsey serves as the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Community Management, at the George Bush Center for Inteligence. She previously served as Chief of Staff for the Director of Central Intelligence. Earlier in her career, she served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security and Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, and Communications and Intelligence. In addition to her service with the C.I.A. and the Department of Defense, she also served on active duty in the Navy and has been a Naval Reserve Intelligence Officer for 20 years. Ms. Dempsey earned her bachelor's degree from Southern Arkansas University and her master's degree from the University of Arkansas. (PFIAB consists of citizens from outside the U.S. Government, appointed by the President on the basis of achievement, experience, integrity and independence, and who work to enhance the security of the United States by improving the quality and effectiveness of intelligence.)

The President intends to nominate Jeane Jordan Kirkpatrick of Maryland, for the Rank of Ambassador during her service as Representative of the United States of America on the Human Rights Commission of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Currently, Ms. Kirkpatrick serves as a Senior Fellow and Counselor to the President for Foreign Policy at the American Enterprise Institute. She previously served as a Thomas and Dorothy Leavey University Professor and Professor of Government at Georgetown University and spent time as a Syndicated Columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Earlier in her career, Ms. Kirkpatrick served as a United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Member of the Presidential Cabinet and the National Security Council. She earned her bachelor's degree from Barnard College, and her master's and Ph.D. from Columbia University.

The President intends to nominate Federico Lawrence Rocha of California, to be United States Marshal for the Northern District of California, for the term of four years. He currently serves as Manager of the Law Enforcement Coordination Program for the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Northern District of California. He previously served as a Senior Evaluator for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in San Francisco, California and as a Law Enforcement Officer with the Oakland Police Department, in Oakland, California. He earned his bachelor's degree from the University of San Francisco and his master's degree from the Golden Gate University.


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